Company History


Allentown Press was started in a garage in the early 70’s by two men who lived in the Camp Springs area. They saw a need for a printing service in the community, and soon moved the business to Clinton, off Simpson Lane. In 1975, John Shambarger bought the business with the hope of becoming a successful businessman in his own right, and he moved the business back to Camp  Springs, off Allentown Way. He was joined by Michael Avrick and Ralph Anzivino, Jr, soon afterwards. The main focus was to provide quality printing at a reasonable price, and throughout the 70’s and 80’s the three partners worked together to accomplish this objective with considerable success.


Of course, they couldn’t do it alone, so over the years, many people contributed to the success of Allentown Press. We never want to forget the contributions made by our dedicated staff. Without them none of this could have been possible.


In the early 90’s Mr Shambarger and Mr Anzivino, Jr retired from the business, leaving Michael Avrick to carry on the legacy. He moved the business in 1996 across the street to 6318 Old Branch Ave, a larger and more customer friendly location , and continued to provide the same quality printing and copying. New services were added, such as Wide Format printing and complete Mailing Services. During this time the Printing Business was changing dramatically and Allentown Press changed as well with new equipment and processes to improve the customer experience.

In spite of many challenges, Allentown Press is moving into the 21st century with a renewed commitment to excellence and customer service. We love to print, and we hope it shows. Let us print something for you! Call our customer service at 301-449-7660 and let us help you with your next project.